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An Introduction to Isle of Ely Koi

We began trading in September 2002 with four internal 800 gallon ponds, each pond filtered by a 'Vortex Bubblebead'. Japanese Koi has been and remains to be the only fish sold by our company, complimented by a range of foods and ancillaries to assist both professional and hobbyist.

I was fortunate to be offered a design contract in Japan that would keep me there for the 4 months throughout the winter season. Leaving my son behind to look after the business, my wife Sue and I flew out to Japan, making the most of our weekend free time by visiting Koi breeders to the North and South of the country.

I had been invited to Momotaro during our stay where I was quickly converted to the Bakki shower system of filtration and it wasn't long before I was sending instructions home to my son, detailing information on the construction of a 10,000 gallon pond system, to be filtered by Bakki showers.

We returned home at the end of the contract to very well constructed 10,000 gallon system awaiting delivery of the Bakki showers, that soon arrived in good time for us to finalise the project and after allowing time to cycle, then populate with Koi.

As a company we have witnessed a steady growth, occasionally returning to contact work under adverse weather conditions. A mud pond continues to be maintained in the Polytunnel, however all other above-ground ponds have now been removed.

The display pond remains active and we are in the process of refurbishing the four original indoor tanks after the back wall collapsed (due to excessive erosion from the dyke that surrounds the old garage, containing the ponds). When the renovation is completed there will be one larger 1600 gallon pond and two at 800 gallons, all filtered by Bakki showers - this will become our dedicated quadrant teen system.

We remain one of only two wholesalers of the British made Daisuki range of koi foods and we also continue to offer koi foods that are produced in The Netherlands by independent manufactures, along with a wide range of other products that we continue to update and include - our most recent addition that we're pleased to announce being the DracoDrum range of filtration systems.

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