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Dai Suki

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Dai Suki All Seasons Koi Food Pellets

Formulated to provide a balanced diet for koi during the spring, when starting to feed again after winter (4mm pellet only)

Dai Suki Gold Koi Food Pellets

Extensively researched & developed to promote the growth and colour of koi and to increase their immune system.

Dai Suki Royal Koi Food Pellets

A highly digestible koi food boasting a massive 54% Protein for the rapid growth of small fish

Dai Suki Staple Koi Food Pellets

This is the best feed to use when you feel your Koi have grown to full maturity or in between high protein feeds.

Quality koi food pellets from leading branded manufacturer Dai Suki to cover all your requirements. Varied tub and pellet sizes available.  Any questions or advice, please telephone 01353 740095.